Hello, everyone :)

Thanks for visiting my website caliallstaring.com.  My name is Xing Liu.  I have been doing hobby photography since 2011.  I started to share my photos in Instagram in 2013 (@caliallstaring).  At first, I was shooting different kinds of photography, flowers shot, street style, and landscape. 

In 2014, I started joining some Instagram meetup and started shooting some portraits in the meetup.  Since then, I have been mainly shooting portraits. 

When I started photography, I used Fujifilm X-T1, and then I started to use X-T2 and X-T3.  Currently, I am using three different brands at the same time.  Canon EOS R and Sony A7iii are also in my camera bag.  

I created my Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/xingliu) in 2018 and wanted to share some of my photography experience to the community. I like to compare different camera brands through my comparison videos.

I want to use this website (caliallstaring.com) as another knowledge base source to share my photography knowledge to the community.  Hopefully, I will do my best to share what I have learned throughout my photography journey.