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My Photography Books for Portraits

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I like to read photography books to improve my photography. Not only I can learn different techniques and styles from other great photographers, but also I can get some inspirations for my own photography. I am going to share with you couple books that help me improve my portraits photography.

Lighting for Digital Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

This book gives me a lot of insight about lighting and the characteristic of different light sources. This book was one of the reason I chose warm tones a lot in my photography after I learn a lot about different lighting situation.

Besides lighting, the photo examples inside also gives me a lot of inspiration for my own photography. Even though not all sample photos are portraits, I still get inspired from the colors and compositions and apply to my own portraits work.

Portrait Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

This book is my favorite portraits photography book by far. I have recommended this book to a lot of my instagram followers who want to improve their portraits game.

The book covers different aspects of portraits photography ranging from composition, cropping techniques and exposures. I would highly recommend this book if you want to build a solid foundation in portraits photography.

Arthur Elgort: The Big Picture

Arthur Elgort is my favorite fashion photography. I love his work so much. His philosophy of using the street as his own fashion studio always inspires me. I always liked free style fashion street photography even before I read this book. After this book, I felt the vibes from Arthur Elgort is matching what I want to shoot as fashion street portraits. If you want to get inspired with fashion street/editorial style portraits, I would highly recommend this book.

In summary, these three books help me a lot in my photography journey. I hope these can help you or inspire you in your own journey as well. Thank you so much for reading. I will have more blog posts coming up. Feel free to subscribe my blog in the bottom of the page.

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