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My Atomos Ninja V Recording Setup

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Hi All, I got lots of questions on how I recorded the camera LCD screen. My simple answer is that I use Atomos Ninja v to record my BTS video. I am going to use this blog post to list out the accessories that I bought related to the Atomos Ninja V recording.

Here is my List of Atomos Ninja V Accessories:

  1. Sony/Fujifilm Cables: (Fujifilm X-Series / Sony A7 series use Micro HDMI to Full HDMI)

  2. Canon Cables: (Canon EOS R uses Mini HDMI to Full HDMI)

  3. SSD card: Sony 2TB SSD

  4. Extra Battery: Atomos Batteries

  5. Hot Shoe Mount: Manfrotto 492 LCD Micro Ball Head with Shoe Mount

Below is my video of using the Atomos Ninja v to capture the BTS on the LCD screen in the back.

I also created a video on how I set up my Atomos Ninja V:

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