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My Thoughts on Fujifilm Lenses (56mm F1.2 R & 35mm F2 WR)

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

When Should We Use 56mm F1.2 R?

56mm F1.2 R was the first lens I bought when I bought the X-T1 about 4 years ago. Up until today, this is still my top favorite lens. It's very sharp at wide open and the bokeh is very smooth. It often gives you a dreamy feeling right out of the camera.

Below are the photo and video from my recent photoshoot with Victoria using 56mm F1.2 lens for some flowers and mural portraits. Whenever I need bokeh, low light and sunset backlight, 56mm F1.2 is my choice.

56mm F1.2
Model: Victoria 56mm, F1.2, 1/416s, ISO 200

Victoria Photoshoot using 56mm F1.2 & 35mm F2

How Much Room Do You Need to Shoot With 56mm F1.2?

The 56mm F1.2 has a minimum focus distance is 2.3ft (0.7m), which means it needs a bit more room to operate and frame a portrait. For example, if you are in a coffee shop sitting across a table, 56mm F1.2 won't get the focus of the model sitting across you.

To resolve this problem and have more room to shoot 56mm F1.2 in a coffee shop, I usually find a window spot and shoot from outside the window. In this way, I have more than 3 ft - 5 ft of space to frame the portraits.

Coffeeshop Through the Windows

How About 35mm F2 WR?

One of the highlights of the 35mm F2 WR is the weather resistance. Combined with the weather sealed body of X-T2, I have shot some portraits during rainy weather.

Also, I like the contrast out of the 35mm F2 lens. It felt a bit darker right out of the camera comparing to the F1.4 version.

Below is an original jpg photo using 35mm F2 lens.

Model: Victoria 35mm F2, 1/600, ISO200, Original JPEG

As you can see the photo above, the bokeh is not as strong as the 56mm F1.2, but I like the closer minimal focus distance (13.78" / 35 cm). The closer focus minimal distance allows you to shoot portraits in a tighter space, such as a coffee shop or a car.

I have found that the 35mm F2 WR is good for everyday use and travel photography because of its compact size. If you shoot mostly daylight, 35mm F2 is good enough. The night performance on the F2 is not as good as the F1.4 version.

Below is a summary of my experience with these lenses:

  • 📷Fujinon 56mm F1.2 R - Super nice bokeh, great lowlight performance, sharp at wide open, but needs more room to operate.

  • 📷Fujinon 35mm F2 WR - Weather sealed, light-weight, good for street photography, nice contrast out of the lens, but not good for night portraits.

Feel free to comment and let me know what your favorite Fujifilm lens is and why!

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Sep 24, 2018

It’s still a different feel to it. The contrast is lighter in 35mm F1.4 than in F2


Sep 24, 2018

Hi xing liu want to ask about the 35 f1.4 when you stop down to f2 same result or rendering of 35 f2? Thanks


Sep 21, 2018

Hi! What lens would you recommend for a family/couples photography? I am planning on getting Fujifilm X-T2 this weekend and need to get a good lens for family/couples shooting.

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