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Quarantine photography tips - How to get the best quality through remote lockdown photoshoot

In this blog post, I am going to document couple of important things I noticed during my remote photoshoot session using Zoom Video App.

Below is one of my example of using Zoom Video app to get high quality photo:

Model: @lais_tom | Zoom App Android

Setup: Zoom Video vs Facetime App

I used both Facetime and Zoom apps for remote photoshoot. I found out that using Zoom video app can get better photo than using Facetime app. Using Facetime app, the photographer has greater control, but the photo quality is not as good. On the other hand, by using Zoom app, directly shooting on the native camera app by sharing the screen, the photo quality is much better.

Below is my video on how to set up each app for the photoshoot:

Here are some of the important points:

  1. In order for model to share the screen, model has to host the Zoom meeting.

  2. Make sure to have the 10 seconds counter on.

  3. Ideal way is to have a remote control in the model's hand for more efficiently.

Using a small remote control from the model's side will help the photoshoot efficiency greatly. Below is an example BTS the model is holding the small remote control. She used her hand and certain poses to hide the remote control.

And here is an example of without remote control, using a 10 second counter from Android phone:

Tips For Remote Photoshoots

Next, I am going to provide some tips and ideas for remote photoshoot.

1. Using the curtain and window light

The first thing I will check when I start the remote session is the window section of the model's room. I will check the following:

  • The color of the curtain - whether or not matching the outfits

  • Is the curtain transparent? - It can defuse the light source

  • Any interesting texture from the curtain?

Below are some of my examples:

Model: @jessscarrow | Zoom App iPhone

Model: @lais_tom | Zoom App Android

Sometimes, the window curtain can create some nice composition alongside with the portrait.

2. Mirror framing

My second tip is to use mirror to frame the portrait. Make sure to ask the model to stay closer to the mirror so that the reflection will be closer and create a stronger effect.

Below are the mirror examples:

Model: @jessscarrow | Zoom App iPhone
Model: @jessscarrow | Zoom App iPhone

Model: @jessscarrow | Zoom App iPhone

3. Facing the sunlight direction

As many of you may know that I like backlight portraits a lot, but when it comes to remote photoshoot through the phone, I will avoid backlight to get a better quality image. Always ask the model to face toward the natural light direction. The phone handles better in direct sunlight than backlight.

Here are some examples of direct sunlight:

Model: @rosinashakirova  | Zoom App iPhone
Model: @rosinashakirova | Zoom App iPhone
Model: @lais_tom | Zoom App Android Phone
Model: @lais_tom | Zoom App Android

Model: @lais_tom | Zoom App Android Phone
Model: @lais_tom | Zoom App Android


In summary, remote photoshoot creates a lot of opportunities to collaborate with people from all over the world. Being conscious on what's available in the restricted environment is very important to me. Make sure that you know what's the direction of natural light from the window and how to use the props like curtain to frame your portraits. Hope these tips help you create your own photoshoot ideas and happy remote photo-shooting.

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