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Sony 'striping' Issue with Backlight: Step by Step to Fix This Issue

Hi all, in this blog post, I want to document the step by step process to fix the Sony 'Striping" issue. DPReview reported this issue in 2018 with this article Sony "Striping": Here's the Fix. Below are some of my detailed steps that I followed to fix the issue.

The problem

When I shoot backlight using the Sony A7iii, sometimes I will see the strips like the screenshot below. This happens to me on multiple lenses: FE85mm F1.8, Zeiss 40mm F2, Zeiss 55mm F1.8 and Zeiss 35mm F1.4. Based on DPReview's article, it's because of the sensor design with Phase Detection auto-focus.

The 'Stripe' pixels
The 'Stripe' pixels from Phase-Detection sensor

Step 1 - Open the actual raw file location and copy to a separate folder. In this way, it will be easier to upload to the browser. (Right click on the photo and select "Show in Finder".

Step 2 - Open this link: and Upload the Sony Raw file to that website.

Drag and drop the file to this webpage.

Step 3 - Once the website finishes the fix, click on "Link to Processed File" link in the bottom of the fixed image.

Step 4 - Download the file and rename with the extension of .ARW for Sony format.

Step 5 - Re-import this updated file into Lightroom.

import into Lightroom
No more Striping issue after the fix
No more Striping issue after the fix

Image after the fix
Image after the fix


I want to document these steps in case others have similar situation like mine. Hope these are helpful. If you don't shoot a lot of backlight shots, you won't notice this issue. And this issue came across with multiple Sony and Zeiss lenses in my experience. I hope Sony make a firmware update to fix we don't have to go through these steps for each image. Let me know in the comments below if you have encountered the similar issue.

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